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Remix fever—typically a contagion afflicting the realm of Top 40 radio—has gripped indie music. French disco-pop outfit Phoenix's 2009 album—the acclaimed (and modestly-titled) Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix—gets the remix treatment from some of the biggest names in underground music in a digital-only album due October 20 and includes reworked versions of album tracks by Animal Collective, Passion Pit, Friendly Fires, Chairlift, Devendra Banhart and Yacht.

Yeah, you heard right: Animal Collective. The band with one of the most-acclaimed indie releases of the year have taken on the biggest breakthrough band of 2009. Be sure to have a towel ready when you tell your hipster friend.

AC's Deakin takes Phoenix's "Love Like a Sunset" and adds some Air-esque looped vocal reverb and adds a bongo drum backbone to hold the whole thing down. The end result might be less sophisticated musically, but it certainly adds a hypnotic beauty not present in the Phoenix original.

Who else is infected with the urge to remix these days? The xx, the minimalistic pop buzz band we talked about a few weeks ago, recently remixed Florence and the Machine's "You've Got the Love." Check it out here. The result is electro-funk bliss, featuring Atari-style synths and trip-hoppy syncopated beats. It might even be better than the original.

Worth mentioning:

This revamp by the xx adds another level to the already complicated past of "You've Got the Love." It was originally a Christian soul song by Candi Staton, only heard in a straight-to-video '80s documentary. In 1991, British DJ The Source and Staton recast the song as a techno-soul mash-up. But Florence and the Machine brought the song back to its soul roots last year, only for the xx to pull "You've Got the Love" back into the dance dimension. Whew! This is a song that refuses to be forgotten.

What do you think of these remixes? What other indie bands would you like to hear remixed by their contemporaries?

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