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Sufjan Stevens
Credit: Denny Renshaw

As multi-instrumentalist geographer/indie godhead Sufjan Stevens prepares the October 20 release of his New York motorway tribute The BQE, the string quartet Osso, already featured on his 2005 Midwest opus Illinoise, have completed their reinterpretation of one of his earliest albums, 2001’s Run Rabbit Run.

Their reimagining of Stevens’ astrologically-themed instrumentals, out October 6 on his own Asthmatic Kitty Records, brings a sort of avant-chamber tingle to the original compositions, thanks to arrangements contributed by classical composer/downtown poster-boy Nico Muhly (he of the Bjork and Philip Glass collaborations), Antony & the Johnsons stringsman Maxim Moston, Gabriel Kahane and others.

Listen to both the original and new versions below and tell us — which one sparks your star sign?

Sufjan original:

Osso’s Sufjan 2.0:

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