Lauren Conrad
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First Lauren Conrad was a regular high school student. Then Laguna Beach made her a reality star — and then The Hills made her a “reality” star. Next came L.A. Candy, her best-selling YA novel about a teen-turned–reality starlet, and now, through the great, squealing beast of a machine we call show business, L.A. Candy is being turned into a film. There is no spoon, you guys, nor apparently an end to our fascination with one Ms. Lauren Conrad.

Topics far less interesting than the artificiality of manufactured reality and celebrity have been turned into movies: for example, sports events. But I’m curious how even a filmmaking master will be able to turn my favorite part of the book into a compelling scene: “Scarlett poured a cup of coffee, black, into her favorite mug, which said: COGITO, ERGO SUM, her favorite saying by her favorite philosopher, Rene Descartes.” Well? I’m hoping Darren Aronofsky takes this on and turns it into a bizarre meditation on the nature of voyeurism and fame. Dream big, etc etc.

Seriously, though, PopWatchers, I will totally see this movie. Will you?

Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

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