John Travolta testified today in the extortion trial linked to son Jett’s death, saying that former Bahamian Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater and paramedic Tarino Lightbourn demanded $25 million in exchange for keeping private the “refusal to transport” document that Travolta signed, according to If the actor didn’t meet the demand, Travolta said Bridgewater and Lightbourn threatened to release the documents to the press. “They were stories that implied that the death of my son was intentional –- that I was culpable in some way,” Travolta said. After Ronald Zupancic, Travolta’s friend and employee, informed the actor of the extortion plot, the actor said he allowed his attorney, Michael McDermott, to alert the authorities to investigate.

In cross-examination, both Bridgewater and Lightbourn’s attorneys questioned the accuracy of the information, and Travolta admitted he based his actions solely on what Zupancic had told him. The opposition also pointed out, and Travolta reaffirmed, that there was no direct demand made to the actor.