Sarah Drew is set to scrub in on Grey’s Anatomy, apparently as one of the Mercy West docs heading to Seattle Grace thanks to the merger. Drew, best known as the awesomely uptight Hannah from Everwood and as Kitty (Salvatore’s wife) on Mad Men, is venturing back to the Shonda-verse after a stint on Private Practice last season.

I’m wild about Drew and hope she can make the leap to Grey’s regular — she has the emotional eyebrow-cock thing down like nobody’s business, and she might be just the actress to get me back into the show. Seriously, watch the cry/smile at the very end of this. It belongs at Seattle Grace:

But! Where are all the dudes, Grey’s Anatomy? Where is the romantic subplotting and the scheming and the will they/won’t they? Everyone’s all coupled up, and I miss the romantic relationship shenanigans that brightened the often freakishly sad patient stories.

What say you, PopWatchers? Do you miss the sexytimes tension as much as I do?

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