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There’s no denying it: The CW’s Gossip Girl has been a little uneven and — I’ll just say it — downright weird this season. (Isolating Nate storyline, unbelievable Dan-Georgina pairing, disappointing Joanna Garcia performance, etc.) But it gets weirder. Case in point: Just take a minute to gawk at the Gossip Girl promotional shot there on the left, which served as the cover to a press screener for next Monday’s episode featuring Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff.

Freaked out yet? Confused at who you’re looking at? Concerned for the safety of any small children or ponies who may be nearby? Or does this inspire you to similarly tease your hair, slather on a terrifyingly dark shade of lipstick, and hang some door-knockers from your ears?

The boys look normal and — yes, I’m looking at you there, sexy Nate, with your carelessly untied bowtie — actually rather dashing. But that’s usual for these fellows.

But what, exactly, is going on with the girls? Especially Jenny and Vanessa, there in the back row. The pair look like they’re leaving a screen test for an unbeweaveable Dynasty reboot or have just gotten unfortunate makeovers on America’s Next Top Model or — dare I say it? — RuPaul’s Drag Race. (Don’t they look like they’re trying so hard to “smize”? And Jenny looks particularly “iced out,” yes? But they could also be prepping to “lip sync for their lives,” right?)

Granted, with Banks in the episode — she plays a wacky actress alongside Duff — the over-the-top Top Model vibe might seem sensible. But as one who’s viewed the episode, I can tell you that at no point does the cast ever look like this. So what gives?

I understand the desire to have fun during a photoshoot, and there’s no denying the sheer batshit-crazy and fabulousity of this photo, but methinks this dressup might have gone too far. Or, the CW might have just thought you viewers would never see this photo. What do you all think of it? Crazy — or crazy fun?

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