It’s one thing to ape Madonna videos or replace Tony Soprano with a restless Yakuza don. But certain cultural icons should be considered off-limits; and Bert and Ernie exist well inside that no-fly-zone. I know this because I’ve seldom felt evil breathing down my neck the way I did while watching this wackadoodle Japanese spoof on Sesame Street‘s answer to the odd couple.

When I was a kid, watching Sesame Street in its first season on the air, Bert and Ernie inhabited the safest, coziest bedroom I could imagine. They were not shrill Benny Hills in clown makeup talking about touching “female staff’s butt.” The other crime, as you can probably tell, is one against comedy. It makes me so angry, I want some kind of revenge, but that’s impossible since I adore japanimation, especially the fanciful poetic stuff for kids, like My Neighbor Totoro and Ponyo by Hayao Miyazaki. How about you, PopWatchers — What’s in your cultural do-not-fly zone? And is there anyone out there who finds this Bert and Ernie bit funny, intentionally or not? If so, please translate.