A video of British songstress and perpetual trainwreck Amy Winehouse rapping — er, I guess that’s technically what she’s doing — has hit YouTube, and her nearly undecipherable rhymes don’t do anything to help her messy reputation. She wails her way through the homemade video, her heavy accent — yeah, let’s blame it on the accent! — causing her to stumble over many of the words she’s trying to get out. Truly, a smoky voice like Winehouse’s shouldn’t be wasted on such crap. Just put out a record of what you do best — folksy, soulful, raspy tunes!

But to be fair, it looks like she’s just messing around and having a little fun with her musical pal Zalon — who was nobody to me before watching this video. But Zalon: Not half bad! Kind of a Craig David-type I’d listen to. According to his website, he’s recognized “as the lead backing vocalist to Amy Winehouse.” Supposedly, he’s also sung alongside Mariah Carey, Blu Cantrell, and Lil’ John. And, apparently, Mark Ronson is co-producing his album, which is set to hit later this year.

But back to the clip at hand: It’s just over three minutes, and you can find it after the jump. In the comments below, tell us how long you made it before you hit the stop button. (I’m guessing it’s somewhere around 46 seconds, when Amy begins her murderous, and ear-splitting, shrieking.)

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