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“Anonanimal,” one of the highlights off of Andrew Bird‘s latest record Noble Beast, now boasts a sweet stop-motion animation video. This song about sea anemones (you knew Andrew Bird was going to write about them one day) involves some trademark Bird wordplay—”I see a sea anemone/The enemy/See a sea anemone”—and the accompanying video is similarly playful.

Neon-drenched claymation anemones, stalagmites and other oceanic Sesame Street-esque creatures perform synchronized acrobatics to Bird’s elegant baroque pop music. Bird himself even pops up for a few hot seconds to sing into the camera and play with some of the underwater critters. Watch it after the jump:

Aside from the stop-motion animation and the vibrant color scheme, the thing most likely to pop into your head while you watch this is that a lot of the animals look like, err, dancing phalli (seriously—that is the plural of phallus).

If you think I’m reading into this or just being juvenile, just check out the cover of the book (“Animals Without Backbones”) Bird is holding at the end of this video. Yeah. And you thought the poster to The Little Mermaid was obvious.

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