We just can’t wait to see the women of Sex and the City again. But how do we feel about seeing the mature foursome on screen with teeny bopper magnet Miley Cyrus? It certainly looks like the risque franchise might flirt with the Disney icon — the young starlet is rumored to be making a cameo in 2010’s SATC sequel. (When asked if the rumors were true, New Line issued “no comment” to EW, but gossip sites like this are claiming to have confirmed the news.) Now, it doesn’t appear as though Cyrus will take on a vital role, but doesn’t this seem like a strange fit? (And not just because Cyrus is underage and a proud Christian.)

I know Miley is the hottest thing to happen to the pony-loving set in a great while. And I admit that casting her in the sequel — even just as a cameo — would have the same sort of nifty little time capsule effect the series had when they invited Heather Graham to cameo for two episodes in the early 2000s. But one thing I loved about Sex and the City was the series’ tendency to cast more under-the-radar stars, like Amy Sedaris or Molly Shannon. It seems odd that SATC would go so mainstream on us.

Anyone else kind of weirded out by the rumor? Or are you psyched to see the singer party in the U.S.A. with Carrie & Co.?

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