Mel Gibson
Credit: Ron Asadorian/Splash

Mel Gibson has apparently started filming the Jodie Foster-directed movie The Beaver, about a guy who communicates through a beaver puppet. Too. Many. Jokes. Must…write…post….

Yes, the first photos of the titular beaver are now with us, and sadly, the Beeve doesn’t look as much like Mr. Woodchuck from Full House as I thought he might. Instead, he looks a lot like Emmet Otter, one of my most favorite and under-appreciated Muppets ever. (Obligatory “Where the River Meets the Sea” link. You’re welcome.) Also, if you’re one of the dozens of other people who took a Herr’s Potato Chip factory tour in the early 1990s, you’ll agree that he looks like Chipper, the company mascot.

Gibson has been a little overpresent for my taste in recent weeks — that Leno appearance didn’t do anyone any favors — but I’m sticking with my enthusiasm for this project: It’s so, so different. I’ve slogged through some pretty redundant crapola in the last few months, and I’m more convinced than ever that there’s more value in massive failure than lukewarm mediocrity.

That said… I mean, this photo does not make the film seem promising.

PopWatchers, have these pictures pushed you one way or the other re: Beaver enthusiasm? (Dirty!)

Ron Asadorian/Splash