Well, it’s finally happened. TLC has yanked Jon Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus Eight — excuse me, “adapted to the changing Gosselin family,” as this morning’s press release says — and henceforth, we can watch the new, new, new Kate Plus Eight.

Relaunching in November, the series bows to what viewers have realized for months: That Jon just isn’t into filming his segments with his kids (boring fishing expeditions while he moans about missing his Manhattan apartment, etc.), while Kate is very much into keeping her brand — and brood — alive on TV screens.

TLC says in its statement that the new show will “recalibrate the program to keep pace with the family… and Kate as a newly single mother raising 5 year-old sextuplets and 8 year-old twins.” TLC, the fans and the tabloids were way ahead of you on that one.

TLC also says it is “in development on a Kate project for 2010.” This is presumably the talk show pilot that Kate was reported to be taping recently.

Will you watch Kate Plus Eight?

Kate Gosselin takes over: It’s now just ‘Kate Plus Eight’: Bye, bye, Jon!