Ah, what an epic battle it’s been! Already it seems like a distant point lost in the mists of recollection, that day when we first asked for your nominations for the greatest guilty pleasure act of all time. Since then, you’ve voted. You’ve argued. (And argued, and argued…) Some of you have even attempted to subvert the integrity of the polling process. And eight weeks after that first call for nominees, we finally have a winner. Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest guilty-pleasure artist of all time, according to your own votes, is…Phish.

Yes, those four jamtastic Vermonters — having already dispatched Nickelback, Mariah Carey, Ace of Base, and Barry Manilow — took a resounding 76 percent of the vote in their final face-off against the decades-spanning guilty-pleasure entity known as George Michael/Wham! That’s what we call a landslide.

So congratulations, Phish fans! By whatever means necessary, you’ve won this thing. You can now officially feel more guilty about liking your favorite band than any other fan base in the universe. Enjoy that.

Of course, while this competition has reached an end, that’s no reason to stop talking about it. Go back to the completed bracket to re-live this momentous journey we’ve all taken together, then let the retroactive sniping begin: Does Phish deserve this honor, or do you think your favorite guilty-pleasure artist got short-changed? Have at it in the comments section.

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