Britney Spears

Does Britney Spears believe that three really is the magic number? Apparently so. Her new, released-this-morning, single is called “3” and seems to concern something that the French have a phrase for, but which we just call “a threeesome.” “1,2,3/Not only you and me,” declares the pop princess at the start of the song. Later on, Britney sings “Got one eighty degrees/And I’m caught in between,” a phrase I find a tad confusing, though geometry was never my strong point. Finally, the singer also name checks legendary folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary at several points (“Peter, Paul & Mary/Gettin’ down with 3P”), which seems a tad unfortunate given the very recent death of Mary Travers.

Anyway, give a listen to the song below (or, if that’s not working, click here) and tell us what you think. How does it rate compared to her recent output? Has she gone too far? What do you think about Peter, Paul & Mary being dragged into proceedings? And are you looking forward to Britters’ greatest hits set, The Singles Collection, which hits stores November 24?

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