It’s a dirty job, and Mike Rowe’s gotta do it. After over 100 episodes of salt mining and chick sexing (that’s sorting chickens, you degenerate), it’s becoming clear that the dirtiest job of all is probably hosting Dirty Jobs. But whether he’s elbow-deep in the beautiful miracle of equine procreation or wading through 17 different varieties of raw sewage, his self-deprecating wit and the downright earnestness with which he treats these vocations cut through the grime and keep us tuned in to his filthy, filthy shenanigans. All of which will continue with new episodes starting next Tuesday, Oct. 6 (Discovery, 9 p.m. ET).

Lucky for us, Rowe has accepted yet another unpleasant assignment: Dropping by the EW offices for a chat! So we’re opening the floor up to you. What questions would you like to ask the Representative of Repulsive, the Squire of Squalid, the Sultan of the Sullied? Post your queries by 10 a.m. ET Thursday and we’ll try to ask him as many as we can.

Remember to keep it, ahem, clean.

Photo Credit: Andrew Cutraro/Aurora Photos