News that a dog named Stephen Colbert el dos was winning a cutest dog contest isn’t that surprising: First, the dog is indeed adorable, but more importantly, what a terrific and high-larious name for a pooch. (And just one in a long, proud line of things named after the comedian.)

But is Stephen Colbert the best celebrity to name your dog after? Jennifer Garner has a dog named Martha Stewart; Eva Longoria has one named Oprah; Charlotte from Sex and the City named hers Elizabeth Taylor. In a slightly different vein, Pete Wentz has a dog named Hemingway, and this dog is named Rainer, which isn’t a celeb as far as I can tell, but I really wanted to link to the amazing picture because that dog has a beard.

PopWatchers, surely some of you have a pet named for a celebrity. Let ‘er rip: What’s the best homage pet name out there?