This oughta get the True Blood-thirsty among you salivating! Since Alan Ball has confirmed that season 3 will make an animal attraction of the werewolf Alcide (who debuted in the third Sookie novel, Club Dead), I thought I — and, in turn, you — should help the series’ busy, busy creator on his hunt for just the right actor to sink his teeth into the juicy part. My suggestions:

Henry Cavill: If The Tudorsother heartthrob can look that good in tights and frilly shirts, we can’t imagine he’d fare worse with back hair front and back. The question is, could he rock the role without an English accent?

Benjamin Bratt: The former Cleaner star may seem a little long in the tooth to strike up the necessary chemistry with Anna Paquin, whose Sookie he helps search for Bill. But remember, her currently-MIA almost-fiance is hundreds of years older!

Steven Strait: Since he’s modeled for Details and Vogue, it’s a given that the Stop-Loss and 10,000 BC vet has tall, dark and handsome down pat. But does he have the chops to pull off a compelling performance in canine chompers?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Thanks to a little show on The CW as well as a certain Grey’s Anatomy “ghost” story, supernatural hoo-ha is old hat to Denny’s portrayer. Trouble is, coming off slightly mad, occasionally bad and potentially dangerous isn’t. (Confession: I never saw Morgan’s slightly mad, occasionally bad and potentially dangerous turn in Watchman.)

Ben Browder: Part romantic lead, part action hero, the SyFy mainstay (Farscape, Stargate SG-1) could play Alcide in his sleep. But as with Bratt, his age could be an issue.

Cam Gigandet: One glance at this Twilight vamp and you think, “Here comes trouble.” Unfortunately for Ball and Co., movie casting directors generally seem to also think, “Here comes our Next Big Thing.” So he’s about as likely to be available for hire as Eric is for breakfast.

Your turn — who do you see donning a furry body stocking for True Blood‘s next monster mash? Vote in the poll and then sound off in the comments! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)

PHOTO CREDIT: Morgan: David Gabber/PR Photos; Cavill: Anthony G.

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