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Sometimes, when the autumn-y chill begins to roll in, you just want to make one last frantic monkey-grab for music that feels like summer.

Shifting L.A. collective Fool’s Gold sound like they could hold off October’s looming temperature drop single-handedly (well, right now, they’ve got about 18 hands) with their loose, sun-stroked vibe and the sprawling rock polyrhythms on their self-titled debut (out September 29 on Iamsound).

Built around two frontmen, Israeli-born Luke Top (he often sings in Hebrew) and and Lewis Pesacov (also a guitarist for the excellent Foreign Born), with members of the Fall and We Are Scientists, Fool’s Gold riffs on the kind of giddy Afro-pop elements that got Vampire Weekend their SNL gigs and movie-soundtrack placements, minus the popped-collar smugness.

See the band on tour through the fall, watch the wonderfully weirdballs video for “Surprise Hotel” below, and stream one of the album’s best tracks, “Nadine,” on their MySpace):

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