If you have yet to watch tonight’s Desperate Housewives premiere, stop reading now. For everyone else, onward and downward…

Housewives wasted no time resolving last May’s “Who’d Mike marry?” cliffhanger. In the opening minutes of tonight’s sixth-season opener, it was revealed that Mike picked soul mate Susan over Katherine. Surprised? Join the club. I thought for sure Housewives boss Marc Cherry would drag out the Susan-Mike romance for another season at least. Heck, he essentially threatened to do just that last April at Paley Fest ’09, telling fans he would likely string us along for “a few more years” before marrying them off. So what happened to change his mind?

Cherry tells me he had a fan-driven epiphany over the show’s hiatus. “I originally was going to have Mike marry Katherine,” he admits, “but as I went out into the world on vacation and just started talking to people they were so determined that Mike and Susan should get together; they were so insistent on it. So I started to think, ‘What if I went that way.’ And it occurred to me that it might be a more effective way to go as opposed to frustrating the fans for another year by keeping Mike and Susan apart. The fans demanded it in a voice so loud I kind of was scared to go against them.”

There were creative advantages as well. Cherry says having Mike and Susan happily married “plays better for this season’s mystery.” It also gives Dana Delany a meaty woman scorned story, the beginnings of which we saw tonight. “Katherine has a breakdown,” says Cherry. “And it’s going to be one of the funniest breakdowns you’ve ever seen.”

But what about Cherry’s assertion at Paley Fest that happily married couples “are the death” of soap operas? “The truth is, Tom and Lynette have been married for five seasons going on six and I’ve managed to keep that relationship [interesting],” he maintains. “There’s stuff to mine there once we accept that they’re together as a couple.

“I don’t anticipate ever breaking [Mike and Susan] up again,” he continues. “So now it’s up to me to find out what’s interesting about that marriage. I’ve done it with other marriages on the show, I now just have to do it with Mike and Susan.”

Thoughts? Ecstatic Cherry chose not to drag out Mike and Susan’s romance until the end of the series? Or do you fear that marriage will herald the beginning of the end for the star-crossed lovers? Sound off below.

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