Lately, whenever Mitch Hurwitz — creator of Arrested Development — is asked about the status of the highly-anticipated Arrested Development movie, his response has been that he’s too busy creating television shows for the upcoming fall season to focus on writing AD. One of his projects is the comedy Brothers, which debuted last night on Fox. Hurwitz is only executive producer on the show, so he can’t be held responsible for the entire thing (Don Reo is the creator). But after watching two episodes last night, I beg Mr. Hurwitz, please get back to your script!

Brothers — which stars ex-NFL star Michael Strahan, playing an ex-NFL star, along with Daryl Mitchell, Carl Weathers, and, in a rare comedy turn, CCH Pounder — isn’t a terrible show. But it’s not even close to Arrested Development-caliber. The laugh track is so loud it almost drowns out the mediocre jokes themselves. I do give the show credit for dealing with Mitchell’s paralysis in a funny manner (in real life, the actor lost the use of his legs after a 2001 motorcycle accident). Pounder, playing his mother, is constantly stabbing her television son in the legs with a fork, hoping he’ll say ouch. Still, the main thing that seems to be holding back the Arrested Development movie is Hurwitz and his script. It seems a shame the talented writer is focusing any of his valuable attention on something other then AD.

What do you think Pop Watchers? Did you see Brothers last night? Was it as bad as I thought? Are Hurwitz’s talents better served on AD?