From ''The Brady Bunch'' to ''Sex and the City,'' a look at 10 great small-screen ceremonies

Mike and Carol, The Brady Bunch (1969)
A cat, a dog, six kids — and total chaos.

Mike and Gloria, All in the Family (1972)
We don’t remember the vows; we just remember Archie’s flush.

Rhoda and Joe, Rhoda (1974)
Her chariot awaited: the New York subway.

Lady Diana and Prince Charles (1981)
A fairy-tale event, and so intimate — just 750,000 witnesses.

Woody and Kelly, Cheers (1992)
A dead minister! Barking dogs! Lilith playing the spoons!

Sydney and Craig, Melrose Place (1997)
Lovely until they left the church — and she was run over and ”killed.”

Ross and Emily, Friends (1998)
Groom rule No. 1: Never call the bride by your ex’s name.

Miranda and Steve, Sex and the City (2004)
A no-nonsense event for a no-nonsense gal.

Phyllis and Bob, The Office (2007)
Turns out Phyllis ”borrowed” all the details from Pam’s called-off wedding.

Scotty and Kevin, Brothers & Sisters (2008)
Touching, romantic, and groundbreaking.