Losing is not an option for Ethan Zohn, which I suppose explains why he won Survivor: Africa. (I guess that doesn’t explain All-Stars, though. Oh well.) Now, he’s taking on his biggest and baddest opponent yet — cancer. For the past few months, the soccer player and social activist has been battling a rare form of Hodgkin’s Disease. But that won’t stop him from continuing to enjoy the show that handed him a boatload of cash! Zohn popped by Survivor Talk to join Josh Wolk and yours truly and help us grill the two latest castoffs to be booted from the game: Betsy Bolan and Mike Borassi. A good thing too, as one of the new losers just happens to have quite the crush on our celebrity guest host. (We’ll let you guess which one.) Just click on the video below to see how Ethan is doing, and witness how awkward flirting over the telephone can actually be.

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