Robin Tunney: Hit and a miss -- The ''Mentalist'' star plugs her hot show...and apologize for her role in ''Encino Man''


The Mentalist (”Red Badge,” Oct. 8, 10 p.m., CBS)
”We have a formula on the show that works: We have the teaser; my character, Teresa Lisbon, argues with Jane [Simon Baker]; generally, he’s right; and at the end we get the person to confess. But this episode is a completely different thing — and it’s the first time a team member is accused of something: A criminal Teresa put in jail seven years earlier gets out, and he’s found dead. Her prints are on the gun, and she doesn’t even know if she did it. And she has a nervous breakdown. She begrudgingly lets Jane hypnotize her. The most embarrassing thing you find out is that Teresa really likes the Spice Girls. She identifies most with Sporty Spice…. And we finally discover what happened in Teresa’s past and who put the profound stick up her a–.”


Encino Man (1992)
”I’d like to apologize for my hair first and foremost. The character Ella had big hair, which I guess was a thing in the Valley in 1991. It was about seven inches wide on either side of my head. Ella had the biggest hair and the biggest attitude in the Valley, and my super objective — acting term! — was to bed Brendan Fraser the caveman, and I was unsuccessful. If you can’t excite a caveman, you should pretty much turn in your sexuality, period…. Every time I’m flipping [channels] after a long day’s work and it’s on, it makes me want to cry. Also, I remember I was in New York after The Craft had come out, and having Pauly Shore scream across 57th Street, ‘Hey, Robin, honey! I made you!’ — and have it be vaguely true — is pretty traumatizing.”