By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated September 25, 2009 at 04:44 PM EDT

All that enigmatic hype paid off: ABC’s FlashForward premiered to an impressive 12.4 million viewers Thursday, portending a considerably bright future for the sci-fi drama. The net logged a good night overall, with 16.8 million showing up for George O’Malley’s funeral on the two-hour Grey’s Anatomy season premiere. ABC’s victories took a bit of a bite out of CBS’ strong lineup, particularly CSI, whose 15.7 million-viewer audience was down a whopping 33 percent from last season’s October premiere. Numbers for NBC’s Jay Leno-in-prime-time experiment were even more alarming now that fall programming is in full force: The talk show notched just 5 million viewers, a low point in its steady decline since debuting to 18.4 million viewers nearly two weeks ago.

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