Vince Vaughn. Kristen Bell. Jason Bateman. Jon Favreau. Kristin Davis. Malin Akerman. Yes, the forthcoming comedy Couples Retreat boasts a darn starry cast. But I’m most likely to go and see it because of one man: Peter Serafinowicz.

“Peter who?” you may ask. It’s a reasonable question, although Star Wars fans might recall him as the guy who voiced Darth Maul, and the British Serafinowicz is notably limber in the vocal chord department. (I remember once seeing on YouTube some footage of him running through a bajillion different voices in 7 seconds — I exaggerate only slightly.) But the guy is a hugely talented comedian whose credits include his excellent, recently-broadcast-on-Adult Swim, fake science show Look Around You, and the even more terrific UK sitcom Spaced (the first episode of which, coincidentally, was first broadcast in Britain exactly ten years ago this week!). He also played Simon Pegg’s irritating roommate-turned-ghoul in the Spaced team’s classic zom-rom-com Shaun of the Dead. Finally, those who don’t mind some very (very!) strong language should also check out his spot-on impersonation of Simon Cowell from BBC’s The Peter Serafinowicz Show.

Anyhoo, Serafinowicz is showcased in a new Couples Retreat clip streaming at Yahoo! Movies, during which, unless I’m mistaken, he appears to be channeling James Mason and Christopher Lee. (That suit-and-hair combo is very Man With The Golden Gun.) You can also see him in several scenes in the trailer below.


Anyone else out there a fan of Serafinowicz? And what’s your vibe about Couples Retreat? Next great comedy smash, or unfortunate box-office bomb?