''The Outsiders,'' ''Dirty Dancing,'' and ''Ghost'' are all fondly remembered by the late actor

”The climax of it all was the final ‘rumble’…where we didn’t just act out a massive gang fight. We really had a gang fight, with fists flying and blood running and guys pounding on each other…. Our survival instincts kicked in, and we fought with a kind of primal animal fury.”

In his book, due out Sept. 29, the late actor takls frankly about his marriage, his battle with alcohol, and most of all, his indelible performances.

”I could hardly even bring myself to say ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner’ in front of the cameras, it just sounded so corny. But later, seeing the finished film, I had to admit it worked…. I even quote a version of it myself these days, saying ‘Nobody puts Patrick’s pancreas in a corner.”’

GHOST (1990)
”The best love scenes don’t require what I call ‘humpage.’… You don’t really want to see the characters jumping each other’s bones. You want to see them looking intently into each other’s eyes, in an intimate, personal moment that conveys desire. That’s what I feel is sexy.”