By Joseph Brannigan Lynch
September 25, 2009 at 05:49 PM EDT
Morrissey, Swords


Morrissey just revealed that his Fall European tour will extend to America’s West coast, starting in Seattle in November and working it’s way through California during December.

The moody cult icon and former Smiths frontman also debuted the cover of his upcoming album Swords, a collection of solo b-sides that includes a song with Chrissie Hynde doing backup vocals.

The fact that his tour will hit the U.S. will please long-time fans, which is good, because the album cover of Swords is sure to creep out everyone else on the planet. It pretty much looks like an iPhone pic you took of your dad when you went hiking and he had to “take a breather” for a few minutes.

Sure, Morrissey isn’t one for rock-star cliches—which is part of the reason we love him—but he could at least make an attempt to look cool. It’s almost as if he wants to discourage people from buying the record by invoking Denim Dan chic.

What do you think—is it a lame photo, or are we being too critical? And are you gonna check out his tour? Did you see the last one, and if so, does he still bring the Moz magic in concert?

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