Speaking of that fine line between fact and fiction… Longtime host of the recently cancelled PBS show Reading Rainbow turned to Twitter to clear up a misunderstanding that was started by a new article — in the Onion! — supposedly written under his byline entitled “My Living Nightmare of Encouraging Kids to Read is Over.” Said article — in the Onion! — had “Burton,” among other things, comparing Rainbow to a “dank, forgotten POW camp.” Yesterday, Burton was compelled to tweet: “Attention all un-believers THE ONION is satirical parody of news events and meant to be enjoyed as such! No I did not write it! Relax, OK?” Which means of course enough people read the piece — in the Onion! — and were offended by it enough to share their feelings. Okay, time to ‘fess up. Who thought it was real? And who’s ever mistaken a piece in the Onion for the real deal?

Photo credit: Tina Gill/PR Photos

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