As I was watching last night’s Sunny, in which the gang set out on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, I started asking myself who I would most like/least hate to be stuck in a car with for an extended period of time. So now, I ask you. After the jump, a breakdown of each character’s pluses and minuses and a poll.

Charlie: Plus: He’ll see everything with childlike wonder. He still has never been out of Philly and has yet to eat a strawberry or a blueberry. Don’t you just want to take care of him? Doesn’t mind riding on the hump. Minus: You really would have to watch him like he was child (see: eating his first pear, in its entirety). Absolutely no concept of time or mileage.

Mac: Plus: Willing to go out of his way to check things off your bucket list. (“Everybody’s dying, b—-. Let’s get you some fruit.”) Though his “ocular pat-down” failed, I would feel safest with the sheriff of Paddy’s. Minus: Mildly impatient. (“Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme.”) Litters. Likes to drink while you’re driving. (Naming 50 states: “Maine.” “New Hampshire.” “Vermont.” “Philly.” “North Virginia.” “South Virginia.” “East Virginia.” “South Virginia. Did I say that already?”)

Dennis: Plus: Not afraid to go old school. Can be sweet (verbally, at least) to Charlie. I’m sure if you asked him, he’d pass the time by sharing erotic stories. Minus: His great ideas never are actually. Insists on smoking even when you ask him not to. Has no problem leaving a man (or woman) behind.

Frank: Plus: Probably would like to keep the car at a cool temperature. Likes to keep to a schedule. Minus: Two words — pee jar.

Dee: Plus: Likes to sing to radio (or rather, tape deck). Minus: Apparently likes the song “Runaway Train.” Has to pee every five minutes (but would presumably NOT choose to bring a pee jar on her own). Will pick up hitchhikers. Cheap.

My instinct is to say Dee, but I really can’t stand Soul Asylum. I think I’ll go with Mac. I appreciate his enthusiasm and feel like I could use it to convince him to stop at whatever ridiculous attraction I wanted to. You?