So, is FlashForward the show that’s going to help you survive when Lost wraps up its run? That’s the hype behind the series that premiered last night. But let’s separate the hype from the show itself.

The big-cast drama — from Joseph Fiennes’ fine lead-role portrayal of a recovering-alcoholic investigator to Seth McFarlane’s excellent cameo as a hardboiled FBI agent — certainly maintained a go-for-this-ride momentum as its twisty gimmick was presented. Seven billion people blacking out for two minutes, 17 seconds, seeing “memories and events that haven’t occurred yet,” in April 2010: it’s undeniably intriguing, right?

There were some ideas I couldn’t quite buy. The notion that Fiennes and his crew will create website called Mosaic to record and examine everyone’s memories seemed like a website that will keep crashing every day until April 2010. And the wall that Fiennes gets a glimpse at, push-pinned with clues: Didn’t Charlie on NBC’s long-gone Life have one of those; wasn’t it very Usual Suspects-y? But the premise and the acting — including the superb Sonya Walger (from Lost, from HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me) as Fiennes’ wife — was far above the usual sort of semi-sci-fi this series is attempting. I’m certainly hooked, for a while, at least.

What did you think? Or as the ABC ads say, “What did you see?”