''Brutal Legend'' prepares to rock your console -- An early look at the upcoming action-adventure game

Brace thyselves for Brütal Legend, a hard-rockin’ game featuring Jack Black as roadie Eddie Riggs. Creator Tim Schafer reveals key elements, and the album art that inspired him.

Heavy weaponry: 3 Inches of Blood’s Advance and Vanquish
”Metal sings about epic battles of good and evil, and you do that with a double-bladed broadax. It speaks to metal’s brutality and excess. You don’t even have to think, ‘What side of my ax do I hit this guy with?”’

Chrome: Judas Priest’s Painkiller
”Not realistic chrome, but album-art chrome — the kind you saw in the ’80s painted on the side of a van. It’s got a little sparkle to it. Chrome is important to our game. We even have volcanoes that spew chrome.”

Lightning: Metallica’s Ride the Lightning
”You need to ride it, feel it, or be able to summon it with your guitar. I would say half of all heavy metal album covers have some lightning. It’s fast, it’s loud, it’s powerful. It’s everything that heavy metal is.”