First off, has everyone downloaded “Somebody to Love,” which is performed in next week’s episode of Glee? If you haven’t, then stop reading this right now, open iTunes, and get at it! I’m already obsessed with it and have it in steady rotation on my iPod. I was actually blasting it in my EW office until I was asked to turn it down. What can I say? My Glee love is loud and proud.

My one complaint about last night’s episode was that it didn’t really have any big singing moments, aside from Rachel’s audition with “Taking Chances.” It was mostly dancing which is fun but I crave some Glee power pop like “Somebody to Love.” I guess I’ll just have to wait until next week.

But the Glee topic of the day HAS to be Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt and gave a star-making performance last night (as well as delivering a helluva cover of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”). I sorta relate to this character since, as a child, I once performed a poolside routine of Madonna’s “Vogue.” With my two female neighbors, Kelly and Molly Welsh. In front of our respective parents. Luckily, I was not wearing a sequined unitard. But how cute was it when he started jumping and waving at his dad (Mike O’Malley) at the football game?

While completely ridiculous, the big “Single Ladies” football number still managed to make me smile. What is it about that dance? It never gets old!

Colfer’s scene at the end with O’Malley was really quite touching. For a series so broad, it was nice to have a quiet, sweet moment like that to anchor the whole episode. And who would have thought that Mike O’Malley, star of the horrible Yes, Dear, could be such a good dramatic actor?! His best line: “I’ve known since you were 3. All you wanted for your birthday was a pair of sensible heels.”

Quinn’s pregnancy is an interesting twist but I kinda hope it doesn’t play out too long. I’m not sure Glee needs a baby.

I definitely hate Terri. She’s so annoying and beastly. How does she expect to get away with this? Also, this whole taking Quinn’s baby plan is not exactly surefire. Did she break into Quinn’s car? If you got in your car and some crazy lady was sitting in the passenger seat, I’m not sure you’d want to discuss prenatal vitamins with her.

And I also don’t really feel that bad for Rachel. Am I alone here? She’s being totally unreasonable. It was nice to finally get to hear Tina sing, too. Plus, what high school has a dance studio with ballet bars? That’s a classy set up!

Sue and Sandy are kind of the best villains ever. Or the villains with the best wardrobe. I laughed out loud when Sue stared at Sandy’s doll collection and said, “Isn’t this just lovely and normal?” Jane Lynch should submit this episode for Emmy consideration. Sue’s nightly news segments were genius: “Yes. We. CANE.”

Having the football team dudes join glee is definitely a good idea. I like where the producers are going with this.

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Did you want more music like I did? What do you think about Terri’s pregnancy scheme?

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