With the fall TV season getting into full swing, my DVR has gotten bloated and a little bit crampy, kind of like the way my stomach felt the last time I went to an Ethiopian restaurant and forgot to bring my willpower. But since that cherished little machine next to my television can’t be cured with a roll of Tums, my husband and I were forced last night to get out the scalpel and make some painful cuts from our “Series Recordings” list.

Our first elimination? Grey’s Anatomy. (See above use of the word “scalpel” as foreshadowing!) All summer long, several of my friends tried to convince me Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama had recovered from its “Izzie having sex with ghost” ridiculata. And yes, I know the show’s writing team explained away said phantasmal nookie with a brain tumor. But for me, Grey’s has become the kind of show I watch more out of habit than actual enjoyment. And the old “I’ve followed these characters for five seasons: I can’t give up on them now” mindset just isn’t working. Which is why I am reluctantly skipping tonight’s season premiere, and all but the occasional episode that follows it. Miranda Bailey, I’ll miss you most of all! (BTW, Grey’s loyalists, check out our gallery of the show’s 15 Memorable Cases.)

Also getting the boot at Casa Slezak is PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery!, thanks to the peculiar lack of suspense and middling writing on recent episodes of Inspector Lewis and Marple. Oh sure, all those British accents classed up my trashy summer lineup, but with Southland, Medium, and The Mentalist all returning to the schedule, Mystery! is going the way of the overly inquisitive heiress in an Agatha Christie novel. Please don’t dust for prints. Thank you.

How about you, PopWatchers? Are there any series getting the “Dear John” treatment from your TiVo this month? Share your eviction lists — and your reasons why — in the comments section below. (I suspect we might take your best answers and create one of our jaunty photo galleries!) (Also: Don’t break up with me on Twitter…follow me instead @EWMichaelSlezak!)

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