They’ve already done Legally Blonde. Heathers is in the works. And now we get the news that the Citizen Kane of teen cheerleading comedies, Bring It On, is headed to the Great White Way.* It’s a natural fit; the movie’s already got enough dance numbers to fill a show, easy. (For any cave dwellers who aren’t familiar, check out the trailer after the jump.)

Broadway versions of big movies are nothing new, but it seems like producers are on a slumber-party pic kick recently. These movies aren’t part of the cinematic canon; they’re the DVDs I put in when I’m home sick, the comedies I still quote with friends more than I’d like to admit. And you’ve got to think that if the stage shows of Heathers and Bring It On work as well as Legally Blonde did, there’ll be more to come. So what should be next? Clueless? Never Been Kissed? Can’t Hardly Wait? Leave your ideas in the comments!