Oh, WE, you picked a bad time to start showing Ghost Whisperer repeats. Having jumped into the series late, I happily set my DVR to record your daily 7 p.m. offerings — especially after I saw that Wentworth Miller played the first spirit Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt) ever crossed over. (I love spotting random old guest appearances like that.) But then the fall TV season began, the episodes started piling up in my DVR, and the potential space issue made me so nervous I had to cut the show loose. Going into a new season of television, you REALLY have to want to DVR a show that’s playing in syndication. Are there any you’re taping at the moment? The Office (TBS), anyone? I’m under a self-inflicted ban at the moment, but my recording history does include extensive stretches with Angel (TNT) and NCIS (USA). You?