Kiss, LL Cool J
Credit: Kiss: Glenn LeFerman/Everett Collection; LL: Rafael Macia/Retna Ltd

The list of possible inductees at next year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony has been announced and includes LL Cool J, the Chili Peppers, Kiss, ABBA, Genesis, the Stooges, and reggae icon Jimmy Cliff. Rounding out the list of a dozen music stars are the Hollies, Donna Summer, Darlene Love, the Chantels, and Laura Nyro. Five of the nominees will actually be inducted at the ceremony, which takes place on March 15 in New York.

At first glance that list seems to me a little on the weak side, though there is no doubting the influence of the Stooges and LL Cool J, nor the enduring popularity of the Chili Peppers and ABBA. It’s also good to see the Hall being un-snobbish about Kiss, a band that has always unashamedly been more interested in lunch box sales than critical plaudits. (I also feel that you can’t have too much fire-breathing at an awards ceremony.) There is also, of course, the possibility that an irritated-not-to-be-nominated Kanye West will ruin someone’s acceptance speech with a tirade (“Genesis, congratulations, but….”), even though he isn’t actually eligible yet for Hall of Fame-dom.

Are there any fans of Kiss, LL or the Chili Peppers that are desperate to see them granted HoF status? And what fave act of yours does the Hall continue to ignore?

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Photo credit: Kiss: Glenn LeFerman/Everett Collection; LL: Rafael Macia/Retna Ltd