On last week’s Glee, the Acafellas tackled Bell Biv DeVoe’s 1990 hit, “Poison.” Then last night on 90210, Dixon’s new squeeze, Sasha, spun the track at a high school yacht party. You know what that means, PopWatchers. We are just one play button away from a “Poison” trend! So where’s the track going to show up next? Not sure, but I can easily see Chef Gordon Ramsay doing his own cover when one of his inexperienced chefs serve an undercooked meal. (“You donkey! That raw chicken is…poisoooon!”)

Of course, this has me going back to the good ol’ days, otherwise known as the 1990s. The days in which I snapped butterfly clips in my hair as a junior high student, and flipped pogs on the elementary school blacktops. A huge fan of everything 1990s, I even have a playlist on my iPod dedicated to the decade. Which makes me wonder: What other ’90s tune needs a serious pop culture comeback? I vote Shawn Mullins’ “Lullaby,” Del Amitri’s “Roll to Me,” or my karaoke favorite, Merril Bainbridge’s “Mouth.” Of course, there’s always the choice slow dance song for late-’90s Bar/Bat Mitzvahs nationwide, Allure’s “All Cried Out.”

How about you, PopWatchers? What ’90s song do you continue to bop your head to today?

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