Is it too soon — too soon! — to start satirizing the healthcare debate? The answer is no if you ask the folks at MoveOn and, who just released what may be the world’s most sarcastic PSA. The two-and-a-half minute video entitled “Protect Insurance Companies PSA” toggles through a series of famous talking heads, including Jon Hamm, Will Ferrell, Olivia Wilde, Thomas Lennon, and Masi Oka, who bemoan the plight of poor put-upon insurance companies. “These great businessmen are American heroes….We need to remember who the real victims are: Insurance executives.” It’s a pretty audacious concept, if not always laugh-out-loud funny.

There is no doubt that these stars were sincere in their intentions to draw attention to the need for health care reform. Why else go to the trouble of trying to look hot in front of a camera (we’re talking to you, Jon Hamm!) when they’re not getting paid? But the issues at play in this debate are so tangled up and thorny, it’s sometimes tough for anyone to understand who are the real good guys and bad guys. All this makes me wonder if using sarcasm to win hearts and mind might not backfire and actually reinforce the notion that it’s the government (and wealthy Hollywood actors) people need to watch out for, not the nice man with the comb-over and gabardine suit from Men’s Wearhouse. That said, no one can argue aginst trying to bring some levity to this dead-serious issue looming over the country’s head for the past several months.

All in all pretty funny though, right PopWatchers? And what do you think of sarcasm used to make a political point? Do you like it when Hollywood figures come out in support of political causes?