Last night, I walked to my desk, logged onto, and saw something that made my inner 10-year-old nearly jump up and hug the computer: Diablo Cody will be adapting Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High book series for the big screen. And honest to blog, this news made me as happy as a new set of Lisa Frank trapper keepers. And that’s not just because Cody is EW’s awesome columnist. No, because if I were to have anyone in Hollywood slap Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield on the big screen, I would pick Cody, regardless of her recent box-office disappointment.

Sure, anyone else in Hollywood could create a sure-fire hit with the adaptation by squeezing a blond wig on Vanessa Hudgens and producing a bland reboot that would excite the sub-10 set. But with Cody on board? I have a feeling this will be a straight-out nostalgia fest, which we Sweet Valley fans totally need. And speaking of nostalgia, here’s hoping Cody can find an actress in Hollywood who indeed is “a perfect size six” and isn’t forced to adhere to the recent changes in Pascal’s series. (Beginning last year, the Wakefield twins turned into “a perfect size four.” For shame!)

Who should Cody cast in her Sweet Valley film? What size six actress would make the perfect Elizabeth or Jessica Wakefield? (I’m stumped — there has to be some other young actress in Hollywood other than Hayden Panetierre who doesn’t look like she’s starving.) Lila Fowler? (My vote: AnnaLynne McCord.) Todd Wilkins? (My vote: Johnny Simmons, if only because he did a truly wonderful job in Jennifer’s Body.) And is it sad that I can recite the first 10 books of the series from memory — Double Love, Secrets, Playing With Fire, Power Play… — but only the first four numbers of Pi?

Photo Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos