Before I unveil the title of Lost‘s fourth episode, let’s do a quick recap of the first three…

6.01/6.02: “LA X”

6.03: “What Kate Does”

And now, the title of 6.04 (rumored to be Locke-centric) is…

“The Substitute”

What does it mean?! Let’s ask Doc Jensen:

“Well, a substitute is a replacement for something or someone that should be there, but isn’t. Apply that to the Lost story, which left us with a burning question: Did the castaways’ actions in the past — and specifically, Juliet’s detonation of the H-bomb Jughead — change all of Lost history? Maybe season 6 will reveal that the answer is… ‘Kinda.’ Perhaps the history remains largely intact, but with some notable deviations. Perhaps ‘The Substitute,’ then, refers to someone playing the part or fulfilling the role of someone or something that is now missing from the new, rebooted timeline. For example: Walt. Maybe in the new timeline, the castaways still all get on Oceanic 815 and crash on The Island… but among the deviations will be another ‘special kid’ with a problematic relationship with his or her parent, taking the place of Walt. Hence, he or she would be the substitute for Walt. But I am also reminded of the intrigue around John Locke at the end of the season. Ben had killed him, and some Island entity took his place in the Island drama, using Locke’s role as a Trojan horse to get close to Jacob. If this ‘entity’ = Locke’s ‘substitute,’ maybe episode 4 will reveal more about this shape-shifter.”

Thanks, Doc! My thoughts exactly!

FYI: If it holds up that this season’s third and fourth episodes are Kate and Locke-focused respectively, doesn’t that follow the same sequence as the first season? Just something to think about.

Speaking of Lost, have you had a chance to watch my interview with Terry O’Quinn at Sunday’s Emmys? No? You’re in luck — it’s embedded below!


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