• TV Show is departing from the traditional Gossip Girl TV recap for now and in its place are the five things you need to know from each night’s episode. Let’s get the ball rolling because last night, Georgina returned and where G goes, crazy is sure to follow:

1. Blair lives in the NYU dorms – As we learned last season, Georgina asked to room with Blair. More shocking than that is the fact that Blair chose the NYU dorms, with its communal bathrooms and fluorescent lighting, as Chuck points out, over a sweet pad in the West Village. Her decision backfires when the NYU students don’t buy her “Queen Bee” act and ditch her sushi and saketini party for a Georgina-orchestrated viewing of Vanessa’s documentary about a local community garden (because Vanessa would make a documentary about that). As Georgina so wonderfully puts it, they like Vanessa “more than the weird girl who threw the fish party.” Also note the carefully removed Leighton Meester segment of Cobra Starship’s “Good Girls Go Bad” on which she is a featured singer and which played twice during the episode. I’m sure the producers didn’t want to make it seem like a favor to Meester’s singing career, but still, no love for Blair.

2. Serena drops out of Brown before even getting there – What a surprise: The whole gang will be in Manhattan. Even Vanessa lives in the NYU dorms down the hall from Blair and Georgina. This is so Saved By The Bell: The College Years. Who didn’t see that one coming? But in addition to ditching college, Serena has reclaimed her bad girl side. We wanted to slap the girl when she ruined Chuck’s business deal (twice!), but I love bad Serena way more than blah Serena. All that lovesick limbo with Dan was truly painful to watch. I much prefer the wild child.

3. Chuck’s tender side – Speaking of Bad Serena, her actions reaffirm my love for Chuck. When he called Serena a “train wreck,” I practically cheered out loud. When he expressed concern about her college dropout situation, I swooned. We love the cad, but we like him when he’s sweet, too.

4. Bree and Nate are extremely boring – They didn’t leave the bedroom and they didn’t interact with anyone else (save Bree’s phone call to her mom). The two lovebirds talked about their relationship the whole time and I’m just not interested. Remember last season when Nate would be randomly absent from certain episodes? And see how Jenny got the same treatment last night? Yeah, they should’ve done that again for Nate.

5. Vanessa’s Fraggle Rock hair was better, but the rest of the fashion, not so much – Minus Serena’s gorgeous royal blue drape dress and Blair’s oh-so-her red sheath for her first day at NYU, the fashion was pretty meh this episode. Blair’s Cosby-print blouse as well as her blue striped dress, Georgina’s excessive accessories and Serena’s vest and bootie combo at the Met steps were some of the particular disappointments. S and B also had a lot of short shorts action going on – Serena with her denim cutoffs and Blair with her mustard shorts at the rooftop party. (Side note: Nate has a fetish for cargo shorts? Not surprised.) We know Blake Lively’s penchant for legs and boobs (which, I might add, have made a triumphant and expected reappearance this season), so we weren’t really surprised. But one simple moment from the episode almost makes up for all those fashion emergencies: As Dan explains to Blair before escorting her to the rooftop party, “No headbands in college, k?” Dan schooling Blair on style? Love!

How about you guys? What moments did you love from last night’s episode?

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