We have an African-American president and a Hispanic Supreme Court justice, so the next step in the interest of equal-opportunity for positions of national power is clearly to have a blond lady sit next to three dark-haired people and judge a televised karaoke contest. Ellen’s logic does seem infallible here. On today’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen felt she needed to further explain why she’d be a good American Idol judge: “I have spent my whole life being judged, so I know what it’s like to be judged. I will be an honest judge without being mean.” So if that whole “I’ll be the people’s judge” campaign didn’t speak to you, perhaps “I’ll be a judge who is able to identify with contestants” will. Ellen also got a good-natured dig in at Paula Abdul’s spoof of her dance moves on Thursday’s Vh1 Divas concert. It’s true; I’ve been watching Ellen dance for years and I’ve never once noticed her tap her own ass.

Have any of you changed your minds about Ellen after letting the news roll around your head for a few days, or roughly the amount of time it takes Simon Cowell to complete an eye roll? Personally, I never thought Ellen’s appointment was a bad choice. Michael Slezak disagrees with me (and does so beautifully), but I just don’t happen to take American Idol as seriously as he does and believe there are likely a few (million) Americans out there who approach the show the same way. (I save my ultra-serious critiques for Dancing With the Stars.) Basically, I was surprised when I heard Ellen would judge Idol, but now that I’ve thought about it awhile, I don’t see a problem with having a smart comedian get involved in an ultimately silly show. What about you?