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Only a few more weeks until 30 Rock‘s Oct. 15 premiere. But how in the world can we cope without it until then? By picking some dream guest stars, that’s how! Sure, we’re all lizzing in anticipation for guest spots from the likes of Betty White, but Alec Baldwin told People on Emmy Sunday that he’s hoping a specific star will stop by Jack Donaghy’s office: Paul McCartney.

Awesome choice, no? Baldwin’s daughter, Ireland, disagrees. Instead, Ireland suggests a guest star of her own: Robert Pattinson. So who would we rather see flanked by Grizz and Dot Com? (You know NBC would need TGS‘ hard-working bodyguards for these guest appearances.) A musical legend, or a blood-sucking legend-in-the-making? Here’s what I think: Why not both? After all, these two have plenty in common: They both have — or had — the ability to make lusty teen girls faint, and are, in Mugatu’s words, so hot right now (thanks New Moon and Beatles Rock Band!). And with 30 Rock still needing all the viewers it can get, why not let Team Edward — and straight jacket-wearing members of Beatlemania 2009 — race to the remote?

PopWatchers, make your choice: Would you rather see Paul McCartney or Rob Pattinson guest star on 30 Rock?

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