The Producers Guild Awards, long seen as a fairly accurate predictor of Oscar nominees and winners, announced today that it’s also increasing its Best Picture crop from five to 10 films. The very sharp PGA president, Marshall Herskovitz (a former exec producer of Once and Again and thirtysomething), explained that the change “support[s] our colleagues at the Academy, but also…better represents the unprecedented diversity of films being produced today.” I have tons of respect for everyone involved with the PGA Awards (I attended last year and thought it was a terrific show), but I’ve got to say, I was hoping this wouldn’t happen. With the Academy’s decision to have the same number of Best Picture slots as the Golden Globes, Broadcast Critics’ awards, National Board of Review, and AFI Awards, the PGA was left as the only major group that could still be more exclusive in choosing its nominees. Particularly because it’s looking like it may be a stretch to find 10 worthy films from this year’s slate. If the DGA or SAG awards follow suit and add nominees to their ballots, then I’m really going to be sad.