Credit: David Strick/ Courtesy of LA Times

The Los Angeles Times has posted 41 new photos from the set of The Twilight Saga: New Moon on photographer David Strick’s “Hollywood Backlot.” He shot the cast last April as they filmed in Capilano Park Forest outside Vancouver until the wee hours of the morning. He scored multiple photos of shirtless Taylor Lautner (Jacob), whose abs are making the kind of breakthrough performance Brad Pitt’s did in Thelma & Louise. (I think Lautner, however, might be more of a young Patrick Swayze, soft-spoken and hard-bodied with a love of martial arts. Am I wrong?)

We also get plenty of pics of Robert Pattinson, most of which just show how well they’ve managed to control his hair in the sequel and how beautiful his golden contacts are. There are, however, some nice shots of a Bella dream sequence being filmed in the forest — complete with Pattinson straddling Kristen Stewart in bed, which is more G-rated than it sounds. (Bonus, boys: There’s a shot of Stewart straddling her camera double Mikayla Henderson.)

By the way, you know you’re a fan of True Blood when you see the shot of Stewart bundled up in a gray bathrobe trying to stay warm and your first thought is, Huh, that looks like the robes at that vampire-friendly hotel in Dallas.

Photo credit: David Strick/Courtesy of LA Times

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