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If Heidi Klum was not the hottest pregnant lady to ever attend an awards show at last night’s Emmys, I will march right over and slap Michael Slezak in the face. I’ll do it! Heidi Klum looked ridiculously good strutting the carpet. From this crazy angle, it’s almost like she’s channeling one of the “Models of the Wunway” from Project Runway‘s maternity wear challenge and has merely wrapped a foam pad around a highly breakable fiberglass model-waist. Those just looked comical; this looks incredible. She always raves about being pregnant (this is her fourth child), so I would like Heidi to continue producing baby Seals at about a yearly pace so that she can one-up herself at every Emmys. Even if Runway ends and she’s not really doing anything on TV. Everyone will be like “Where is pregnant Heidi Klum?” And like an ancient fertility goddess arriving to govern the cycle of the seasons and the growing of grain, Heidi will rise, glowing, from a hitherto unseen pile of schnitzel to chirp, “Hello!” This is her next challenge.

Recent hot-mama runners-up include Cate Blanchett and Jessica Alba at the 2009 Oscars, Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2003, Salma Hayek at the 2007 Alma Awards, and of course, “L. Yeah” in 2000. We say Heidi’s the hottest ever. What about you?

Photo Credit: Mathew Imaging/

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