First I spotted Halloween candy at CVS. Then I saw a leaf on the ground. Then I wore a sweatshirt under a jacket (best day of the year). But now I know for sure that it’s fall, because there is way too much TV on at 8 p.m. tonight. In a good way. What to watch? DVR? Skip? Save? Let’s break it down….

‘DANCING WITH THE STARS’, two-hour premiere, ABC

Reasons to watch: This could be your only chance to see Tom DeLay on the dance floor. (Although something tells me it will be on The Soup and perhaps The Daily Show….)

Reasons to skip: DWTS is on again tomorrow and Wednesday. Tonight’s the men, tomorrow’s the women, Wednesday is a results show and tribute to Patrick Swayze, and watching all three might put you in severe dance overload. Also, yeargh, the early rounds are boring.

‘HEROES,’ two-hour premiere, NBC

Reasons to watch: Robert Knepper — aka T-Bag from Prison Break — joins the cast as the head of a mysterious carnival clan. No, really.

Reasons to skip: Did…you see last season?

‘HOUSE’, two-hour premiere, Fox

Reasons to watch: At the end of last season, House checked himself into a psychiatric hospital. Aren’t you curious what happens? Plus Andre Braugher, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Franka Potente all guest star.

Reasons to skip: The episode is a major departure for the series — no one is treated for mysterious illnesses, the supporting cast doesn’t show up at all, save for a quickie scene with Wilson, and House is challenged to, gasp!, change. If you go for the procedural aspects of the show over the character ones, this is going to make you batty.


Reasons to watch: If his hosting gig didn’t prove Neil Patrick Harris’s magical charms, I don’t know what can, except maybe seeing him as Barney. Tonight, he and Robin have to own up to their season-ending smooch and what it means for them and their pals.

Reasons to skip: Is your heart made of stone? At least DVR this.

Okay, PopWatchers, what will you be watching?

Photo credits: House: Chris Haston/Fox; HIMYM: Eric McCandless/Fo

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