Made Us Think

Today’s “Made Us Think” post comes from the message boards at Dave Karger’s Oscar Watch blog, where a video interview with Colin Firth, winner of the Best Actor trophy at the Venice Film Festival for A Single Man, prompted a spicy discussion about non-traditional hotties. A reader named Deb had this to say about the Bridget Jones’s Diary star:

“There is something about Colin Firth that just makes him one of the sexiest men today…it isn’t obvious, he doesn’t work at it, he isn’t traditionally a gorgeous man, but when he gives that special smile, your heart just melts watching him. I loved him in Bridget Jones’s Diary and everything I have seen him in since.

Are you a big Colin Firth fan? Which other unexpected sex symbols get your heart racing? Sound off in the comments section below, and make us think! (And after the jump, check out Dave’s interview with the talented Mr. Firth!)