By Margaret Lyons
Updated September 20, 2009 at 04:32 PM EDT

Mad Men has a place of honor on my DVR, but tonight’s big show — other than the Emmys, obvs — is America’s Best Dance Crew. It’s down to the final three, and it’s totally and completely anyone’s game still. Ayee.

I’m rooting for We Are Heroes for several reasons, not the least of which is that it’s time for an all-girl crew to take the title. (Beat Freaks got robbed last season.) But I wouldn’t pull for just any girl crew: We Are Heroes’ distinctive choreography and seamless stunts blow me away. Their dances have a sense of humor, so they’ve been my fave crew this season from the get-go.

Massive Monkeys have a more typical ABDC b-boy style, and they’re terrific, but AfroBorike’s innovative partner dancing is a lot more interesting, even if it’s not always as varied as the other crews’ moves. We all know Shane loves sexually-charged routines, and AfroBorike definitely delivers on that front, but I wonder if their Latin-inspired moves can capture the hip-hop and breakdance-heavy ABDC voters.

Have you been watching ABDC this season? Which crew are you pulling for?

Photo credit: Ewan Burns/ MTV