Did you see Mel Gibson giving “funny” answers to Jay Leno during The Jay Leno Show‘s “10 @ 10” segment last night?

Asked by Jay to answer ten “funny” questions such as what reality show he’d like to appear on, Gibson answered “Runway Project,” even though Jay had already said the correct title, Project Runway. Ok, that was probably just a slip of the tongue.

But what about the answer regarding his favorite food, which Mel took as an excuse to attempt a joke about steak “bone-in” followed by a vaguely-worded gay-sex implication, which in turn was followed by some wild-eyed staring at the camera. Combine it with his answer to what part of his body he’d change (“my brain”), his comment about where he keeps his Oscar (something about how it’s a reminder of “how brilliant I once was”), and you start to wonder: Was Mel putting us on, being a charming cad, or unravelling in front of our eyes?

I leave the conclusion to you.